Annual Meeting

The annual general meeting is to held on Thursday 19 April 2018, at 2 pm, at the Company’s premises at Metallgatan 19 A in Ängelholm.

Please find enclosed the notice of the AGM and the various proposals:

Cimco Marine AB – Notice to attend AGM 2018 (Download pdf)

Agenda (Download pdf)

Remuneration to the board and the auditor  (Download pdf)

Election of members and deputy members of the board (Download pdf)

Election of auditor (Download pdf)

Resolution on principles for appointment of nomination committee (Download pdf)

Authorisation for the board (Download pdf)


Nomination committee

The main task of the nomination committee is to propose candidates for election to the board of directors including the chairman of the board, and, where applicable, candidates for election of auditors.

In accordance with the instructions adopted at the annual general meeting 2017, the following persons are members of the nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2018:

Andreas Blomdahl
Chairman of the nomination committee, representing Marinediesel Sweden AB

Per Lindberg
Representing himself


Instructions for appointment of nomination committee (Download pdf)