User stories

The OXE is faultless; the smoothness; power; and thrust of the engines are amazing.  We can achieve speeds of 20 knots in a boat that weighs in excess of ten tonnes.  The OXE’s excellent fuel economy shows with all three engines running to their maximum we have a fuel burn of 90 liters per hour which is phenomenal.

Tony Kortens, MD of Landing Craft UK Ltd

What is really great about the OXE-Diesel is that you get better fuel economy, about 55% better than standard petrol outboards… We had the engine on the boat for 96hrs, overall I think we have burned average of 2,7 Galons per hour.

Luke San Antonio from Mack Boring & Parts Company.

We are very impressed by the low noice emitted by the OXE Diesel 200. At idle it emits under 67dB measured at the engines with cowl on and in the cabin of an Aluventure 1100 the noice levels are 67dB at 28 knots and 70dB at 33 knots. The low noise levels allows for long working hours for the users without risking fatigue due to noise.

Per Wikheim, Link Norway

”The OXE Diesel 150 is very fuel efficient and surprisingly quiet as well. I think that probably the most impressive thing is the mid-range pick up

Sean Strevens, Cheetah Marine