Made for low emissions

Throughout the development process of the OXE Diesel the goal was to develop and implement technologies and strategies to provide engines that meet the most stringent standards in exhaust, noise and vibration emissions.

The OXE Diesel models are compliant with the emission regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Union (EU), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and for OXE175 and OXE200 the EIAPP. It is also compliant with IMO Tier II, EPA Tier III and RCD.

OXE diesel compliance with emissions regulations. 

The EIAPP Compliance process performed by DNV GL includes extended production quality assurance as well as NOx level compliance with the Annex VI to Marpol 73/78.

Cimco Marine AB has been assessed with respect to Directive 2013/53/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council according to conformity assessment procedure “Module B” described in Annex II of the Decision No 768/2008/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, and found to comply with the applicable requirements.

Cimco Marine AB, the manufacturer of the OXE Diesel has provided information to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that demonstrates:

1. this engine has been tested in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Code on Control of Emission of Nitrogen Oxides from Marine Diesel Engines, and,

2. this engine, its components, adjustable features, and Technical File, prior to the engine's installation and/or service on board a ship, fully comply with the applicable regulation 13 of Annex VI to MARPOL 73/78.

This certificate is valid for the life of the engine subject to surveys in accordance with regulation 5 of Annex VI to MARPOL 73/78, installed in ships under the authority of this Government.