The OXE Diesel is designed and built for commercial users. Endurance, reliability, power and control is key. The world’s first commercial diesel outboard combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines, offering unprecedented efficiency, range and torque.

The patented technology of the OXE Diesel provides a robust drive unit that effectively transfers high torque diesel power from the engine to the propeller. Combined with an innovative modular layout, easily accessible service points, closed coolant system, interchangeable gear ratios that allow the user to choose between high torque or high speed and proven diesel technology from the automotive industry, the OXE Diesel is designed and built for commercial use.

All OXE Diesel models comply with stringent EPA Tier-III, IMO Tier II and RCD emissions and environmental standards. The diesel outboards are available in:

OXE 125, 125 HP and 376NM (278ft-lb) of torque

OXE 150, 150 HP and 380NM (287ft-lb) of torque

OXE 175, 175 HP and 380NM (287ft-lb) of torque

OXE 200, 200 HP and 415NM (306ft-lb) of torque

OXE 300, 300 HP and 680NM (501ft-lb) of torque

OXE Kreta - Designed for superyacht tenders

The OXE Diesel offers an effective and safe solution for: governmental, oil & gas, search & rescue and large commercial applications, also for small craft fishermen and fish farmers, survey, tourism, yacht tender, taxi and pilot operations - all applications where range, load carrying performance and running costs are significant factors.