Leading innovations

The OXE Diesel is specifically designed to increase endurance, reliability, power and control of marine outboards. The modular design and patented belt transmission make it possible to move away from general-purpose products, built for sunny days and pleasure craft users and offer a more robust solution built for commercial applications operating in the fiercest conditions. Commercial users can now move towards a safer product that is designed to last and built to rise to the tasks at hand. 

Innovation has long been required to fill this demand for the commercial marine market. A product that combines the flexibility of the pleasure craft outboards and reliability of inboards/sterndrives, that:

Reduces fire hazard

Enables refilling from on-water platforms and vessels

Increases serviceability

Increases operational range.

Due to the above demands, the team behind the world´s first high-performance diesel outboard based the OXE Diesel on a modern diesel powerhead from the automotive industry. The use of state-of-the-art diesel engines further escalated the demand on the power train. The team quickly realized that the bevel gear systems found in traditional inboard and sterndrive power trains, with vertical shafts and dog-clutch are neither designed for, nor able to cope with, high torque or long hours demanded by commercial marine applications.

The team behind the OXE Diesel combined innovation with proven robust design and created the world’s first high-performance outboard. The OXE Diesel combines the reliability of inboard engines with the flexibility and replaceability of outboard engines.