Unique design

The diesel engine on the OXE Diesel has been adopted from the automotive industry. In relation to a vertically mounted outboard engine, a horizontally mounted engine reduces wear and improves heat dissipation. The power is transferred to the gearbox through the primary belt which can be positioned in either high speed or high torque setting. From the gearbox output a second belt transfers the power directly to the propeller shaft, eliminating the need for a conventional bevel gear system completely.

The patented OXE Diesel system has revolutionized the outboard engine markets dependence on a traditional outboard drive system, eliminating the need for antiquated, vulnerable and inefficient dog clutch and bevel gear systems. Not only does the robust design of the OXE Diesel facilitate the high torque transfer of a diesel engine where conventional drive systems could fail, the OXE Diesel presents the end-user with a product specifically built for arduous working conditions.