Our idea was to make something great

At the beginning of the OXE Diesel project, our mission was to design the world’s first high performance diesel outboard, built specifically for the commercial user. The idea was to combine inboard reliability and diesel torque with the flexibility and replaceability of an outboard unit.

From an early stage the keywords were endurance, reliability, power and control. These words became embedded in the development and thereby into the very being of the OXE Diesel. The result of this is apparent in the modular design of the OXE Diesel product range.

Combining a modular layout with proven technologies (engine, gearbox, belt systems) has created an extremely durable product that is easy to work with both from a user's and mechanic's perspective.

The patented belt technology enabled the team to design a robust outboard unit that effectively transfers high torque from automotive or industrial diesel engines to the propeller with minimal transfer loss.

From decades of experience within diesel engines and transmissions, the team aimed for quality and state-of-the-art design. This, together with leading Swedish manufacturers from the marine, automotive, commercial and aeronautical industry, has given the OXE Diesel a winning concept.

1. Upper housing assembly, 2. Lower leg assembly XL / XXL, 3. Gearbox assembly, 4. Transom mount assembly, 5. Marine engine assembly, 6. Electric system, 7. Cowling assembly, 8. Internal engine parts