Search and Rescue operations are usually of a dual-purpose nature, including both searching for persons and ships and rescuing them. The missions demand speed and robustness to endure harsh conditions and to get to the position where rescue is needed. The mission is not complete until the target is found and retrieved to the safety of the mainland. The recovery also includes, in some cases, towing ships back to avoid drifting or further damage. For this part of the operation robustness and strength are required.

The high efficiency of the OXE allows for longer operational range which means that the search area could be expanded and extended due to reduced need for refuelling.

The safety and increased range of running on diesel, the flexibility of an outboard, high alternator output and reliability, offered specifically by the OXE175 and 150, are all critical aspects that make S&R missions easier for the end-user.

Trend Diesel Ltd. 5.7 ton Landing Craft with Twin OXE200, tugs a 120-ton tug boat at 4.5 knots (headwind).