Most vessels are hindered by regulations to carry petrol onboard if fire safe containment is not provided. The use of petrol is, therefore, a challenge for any vessel with tenders. The OXE Diesel range is the first commercially available outboard for vessels that need to meet these regulations.

The OXE200, 175, 150, 125 and KRETA are designed with ”single-fuel” directive in mind. It offers an effective and safe solution for tenders where range, load carrying, performance and running costs are significant factors.

All models provide unprecedented torque, low emissions and low fuel consumption perfectly applicable for tenders as they can be mounted onboard or stored in the garage of the bigger vessel without having to drain the tanks from flammable petrol. The use of diesel also allows refuelling directly from the bigger vessel and in most cases, fueling is allowed directly from the tanks of the bigger ships.

Unloading of excursion tenders