OXE Diesel 150 hp engine

The OXE Diesel 150 is the most proven concept in the OXE Diesel range. It delivers 150 HP and 380NM (280ft-lb) of torque. With the high torque gear ratio on the primary belt, the unit delivers up to 607NM (447 ft-lb) of torque on the propeller shaft.

The OXE Diesel 150 is the ultimate work tool for commercial heavy-duty vessels with single or multiple installations. The unit allows for long-range operations due to fuel consumption limited to 32L/hrs. (8.5 US Gallons/hrs.) WOT.   

The primary customers for the OXE Diesel 150 are heavy commercial applications, tender boats and other heavy commercial or load demanding applications.

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Technical specification: service interval 200 HRS/800 HRS

Fuel consumption wot

Torque / power / fuel consumption

Technical data - OXE 150

Engine type: Diesel, L4
Displacement: 2.0 L
Intake: Turbocharged, inter-cooled
Torque: High Speed: 380Nm (280 ft-lb), High Torque: 607NM (447 ft-lb) @ 2500 rpm
Power: 150 HP at 4100 rpm
Fuel: Diesel
EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1
No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75
Weight: 350 kg
Alternator output: 130 Amp
Rig length: 25” or 33”
Cooling: Closed cooling circuit
Starting: Electric
Steering options: Hydraulic, Electronic Power Steering, Joystick
Shiſt: CANbus, Electro-hydraulic
Clutch: Hydraulic multi-friction plate
Gear ratios: 1.73:1 and 2.17:1
Dimensions (25” leg), LHW 994x1880x678mm