Oxe Diesel Kreta

The OXE Diesel Kreta was designed and built for the commercial user according to their demands. For example, the Kreta offers superyacht tender boats unparalleled mastery of range, fuel efficiency, maintenance, safety and maneuverability, as well as ease of refueling directly from the yacht. Whether from touring and passenger transfer, to supply, load carrier and tug operations, the Kreta is designed for those who seek reliability at all times.

OXE Marinethe manufacturer behind the OXE Diesel Kreta, started this project with the mission to design the first high output diesel outboard with durability, endurance and performance. These words are now embedded within The OXE Diesel Kreta.

The OXE Diesel Kreta is designed with a single-fuel directive in mind. It offers an effective and safe solution for yacht tenders where the range, load-carrying performance and operational run costs are significant factors.

The powerhead, a proven robust diesel engine developed by the GM group, is marinized and tested by the engineers at OXE Marine. The compact design of the lower housing enables high efficiency and high-speed capability. 

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Technical data – OXE Kreta
Engine type: Diesel, L4
Displacement: 2.0 L
Intake: Turbocharged, intercooled
Torque: 380 - 415 Nm at 2500 rpm
Power: 150 - 200 hp at 4100 rpm
Fuel: Diesel
Weight: 340 kg
Alternator output: 130 Amp
Rig length: 25” or 33”
Cooling: Closed cooling circuit
Starting: Electric
Steering options: Hydraulic, Electronic Power Steering, Joystick
Shift: Elecro-hydraulic
Clutch: Hydraulic multi-friction plate
Gear ratios (interchangeable): 1.73:1 and 2.17:1
Dimensions (25” leg), LHW 994x1880x678 mm
Optimised for tenders: Yes