Global Service Network

OXE Diesel has a global presence and our service network is currently available in 90 countries. We provide exclusive 24/7 service access for our distributors to ensure fast response and end-customer uptime.

User safety is a top priority for us and providing service in time at all times provides increased confidence for all parties. We ensure that all distributors and dealers carry stock and aftermarket parts to further minimize downtime for OXE Diesel users.

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Service Access Points

The OXE Diesel design team has put great effort into ensuring the system was designed with maintenance and service in mind. This resulted in all of OXE Diesel’s service access points being readily accessible under the engine cover from the aft of the boat, making daily maintenance easy. A perfect example is the seawater impeller that is mounted above the waterline, which means it is possible to change it from the aft of the boat.

• Fuel pump • Fuel filter • Coolant fill • Dip stick • Oil fill • Oil filter • Air filter • Seawater impeller • Seawater strainer