World´s leading outboard diesel engines


for demanding environments


The core team behind the OXE diesel has been working closely together within since 2012, combining experiences from naval high-speed operators and instructors through naval technicians, automotive engineering, supercar development and high volume production. 

The vision has always been clear for all team members:
Create a reliable, enduring, efficient product that runs on diesel, built specifically for commercial users and their demands in mind.
The result is a commercial product in an outboard package, the OXE Diesel. It's designed from the ground up by our team at OXE Marine AB for the commercial user.

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The OXE Diesel is the only outboard engine built particularly with commercial users in mind. It is designed for those who use their boat every day no matter the conditions and have to rely on the units for many hours every year. The innovation fills a new segment in the marine industry and cannot be compared to anything on the market today. Efficiency, Endurance, Power and Control.

In use, the Oxe diesel outboards distinguish themselves by being mostly indistinguishable from the well-proven and well-loved gas-powered outboards most mariners are familiar with. Because they have a fairly deep exhaust note, at idle the Oxe outboards can actually seem some- what quieter than a gas outboard. At higher revs and wider throttle settings, they have a distinctive muffled growl that’s been compared to the Dark Knight-era Batmobile.

Simon Hill
Western Mariner